As is the usual wont of the Nigerian socialite and club owner, Pretty Mike, he was spotted with a group of “messengers from the spirit world” as he made his way into an event in Port Harcourt recently.

VAWULENCE has been declared this October 🧐tighten ur belts” Live in PH, came with a msg from the spiritual world, 🙆🏾‍♂️ He captioned a post on his IG page, which features a photo and videos of himself with his so-called “spiritual messengers”.

The club owner has made it his usual practice to give some sort of controversial entrance when attending social events like wedding, birthdays and the like — over time, peeps have got to see him attending events with, supposed pregnant women, nursing mothers, ladies on a leash and all.

His latest is a group of people who are clad in fetish looking outfits and carry somewhat fetish items while flanking and serving him at the event. Watch videos he shared on his page,