A young Nigerian graduate has taken to social media to lament his predicament after relocating to Lagos five years ago in search of greener pastures.

The man identified as @Alinwakingsley on Twitter, disclosed that he was advised by his friends to move to Lagos to find a job and eventually become successful.

However, since his arrival to the commercial city of Lagos state, he has been selling popcorn due to his inability to get a job.

Graduate who

“And my friends told me, come to Lagos, you will make it, but I have been in this Lagos for 5yrs na only popcorn 🍿 I dey fry,” he tweeted.

See his tweet below,

In other news, a Nigerian lady made a video on TikTok to show the moment when an Uber driver, who was mesmerized by her beauty, told her he’ll gladly pay the sum of N10bn to her father just so he can “buy her”.

The lady identified as Maliya on the platform, made the video to show the awkwardness she felt when she was being complimented by e-hailing rider.

In the video, the driver’s face isn’t seen but he can be heard saying, “I go give your dad 10 billion I wan buy you”

Responding to the rather strange offer, the lady told the driver that she isn’t for sale while wearing a disgruntled look. The driver then proceeded to confirm the tribe she’s from.

Right after, the unidentified driver went on to compliment her, showing how mesmerized he was by her beauty. Watch the video here.