Actress Sonia Ogiri has revived her old beef with Mercy Johnson after the actress came out to accuse a teacher at her daughter’s school of bullying her child because of the hatred she has for her, the mother.


Mercy claimed in a video that she noticed a teacher at her daughter’s school hated her for no reason and she mentioned it to her husband.


Addressing that, Sonia, who claimed in 2019 that Mercy Johnson didn’t like her for no reason, said “judgement day” is coming on everyone “one by one”.


Back in 2019, Sonia had shared her “bitter experience” with Mercy Johnson who she accused of hating her for no reason. She claimed that Mercy did “mean things” to her including refusing to ride in the same car with her for no reason.


She further claimed that Mercy asked movie crew members and her friends not to talk her on set, passed snide comments when she was acting and also told movie producers not to give her movie roles (read here). 


Actress Angela Okorie then commented on the story, claiming Mercy treated her the same way and when she confronted her, Mercy began fighting her “spiritually and physically” (read here).


Revisiting the issue today, Sonia said she was “misjudged and called jealous” at the time she spoke about her experience with Mercy.


She stated that “a snake will always be a snake” and added: “Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.”


See her post below.