Few hours after the Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson had debunked the claims of a lady that she allegedly called thugs to beat and humiliate her daughter’s school teacher at school, the said lady had tendered an open apology to the actress stating she was misinformed.

KemifilaniNews recalls that the whole saga started when she discovered that her first child is being victimised in her new school by a teacher who hated her.

After calling out the teacher who did all sorts of bullying to her child over a tie that occurred between her child and another, who she had favoured. A lady via Instagram had countered her statement and allegedly revealed what transpired.

According to the Lady, Mercy Johnson’s daughter was sent out of her previous school due to the actress’ dementia attitude and the fact that she did not give her children good training.

She said Mercy Johnson’s daughter twisted the hand of her fellow student and was called to apologise, and she told the teacher that she would never do it because she wasn’t taught to do so.

However, after much persuasion, Mercy Johnson’s daughter apologised, and the teacher dismissed the student, but her daughter changed the narrative of what happened, and Mercy insulted and humiliated the teacher.

After Mercy Johnson’s altercation with the teacher, the lady said that she still called her husband, who invited three bodyguards to beat up the teacher for supposedly disturbing his wife and child.

The Lady added that the teacher never uttered a word to Mercy Johnson when she dragged and insulted her like a madwoman.

Following the false accusation, the same lady who had shared a false statement about the actress has taken to social media to apologise for her misconduct, adding that she was misinformed about the whole scenario in a video.

The lady said she has been receiving several death threats since she called out Mercy as she revealed that she judged based on what she saw over what had transpired before, adding that she did not get first-hand information about the whole story.

She asked Mercy for forgiveness for any trauma she must have caused her and her family.

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