Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha has finally reacted to a viral video of him smashing a man’s windscreen after spotting his daughter inside the car with him.

The video made rounds on social media recently and it was alleged that the actor was fed with information that the guy in question who took his daughter out, allegedly wanted to “jazz” his daughter during their outing. Watch here.

In reaction to the viral report, Charles has come out to debunk the claims, while stating that the viral snippet is a scene from a yet-to-be released movie.

Speaking in a chat with Punch, the actor stated that the lady in the video is not his daughter and he would never go to such length in real life.

He said,

“You should know me by now that I will never do a thing like that. I will want people to zoom into the video, look at the face of the lady and compare it with my daughter. That is not my daughter.

“What people saw is a scene from a movie I am featured in but it is not yet released. I will have addressed this issue since but I am currently filming in the east and I am very busy at the moment.”