Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson has shared her daughter’s encounter with a teacher, who had constantly bullied her daughter, Purity, because she hates her.

Taking to her Instagram page, she said her 8-year-old daughter has been a constant victim of bullying by a teacher, who made her terrified to go to her new school.

Narrating the experience, the bully happened not to be her class teacher but usually shows up at her class every day to intimidate her and tell her to her face she does not like her mom.

On several occasions, Purity had reported to her mom about the bully but the actress felt she was getting worried over nothing not until she experienced it herself.

According to the actress, the said teacher punished only her child yesterday after she had a small tie with a classmate. Seeing her daughter cry, she decided to approach the teacher politely but ended reporting to the school authorities after the bully said she does not care about the whole situation.

The actress has vowed never to stand by and allow her child to be victimised because of her, adding that before she consider herself a public figure, her duty as a wife and mother to her four kids come first.

She wrote:

What do you do when the teacher is actually the bully and your child the constant victim? Enough is enough, I have reported to the school authorities and I will see this to the end.