You can almost tell the pattern of a story by the title but in the case of Nollywood movie, Charge and Bail, the narrative is different. It is easy to think that Charge and Bail is a comedy until you actually get to watch it and then boom! It is something else entirely.

Nollywood Charge and Bail currently showing at the cinema is a 1hr35mins drama, centered around Boma Ossai, the daughter of a top Lawyer who just got back into the country for her NYSC programme. Expectedly, her father had assumed that she would be posted to his law firm and had infact reserved a position for her there. Unfortunately, she was posted to another law firm which to make matters worse, was that of her father’s former partner and enemy, Wole Adebutu firms.

She went there to get a rejection letter which they refused to grant her and despite her father following her there, the firm insisted she works with them. For someone like Boma who was from the high class, it was difficult adjusting to becoming a Charge and Bail lawyer in a less standard firm. Eventually, Boma finds herself doing the job and even falling in love with it.

At some point, she and her dad were at loggerheads as regards a case as her dad was the prosecuting council against Boma’s client. In fact, they were made to face each other in court, with Boma’s dad making sure she lost the case by asking her witness, Dotun Adebutu if he was in love with his daughter. Upon him saying Yes, he used that against his daughter and he won the case. Oh well, that definitely began a love story.

Frankly, Charge and Bail is a movie you should watch for yourself because describing it isn’t as beautiful as the movie itself. From the story, to the editing, the directing and even the acting, the movie was a HIT.

The introduction of Characters in the first scene was beautiful but one question is “Why were some characters introduced when they weren’t going to be in the movie afterall? Like the character of Boma’s uncle at the beginning, one would have thought he had an important role to play, only to find out he never even appeared in the movie at all. Makes it feel like he was brought in just to hype the movie. That wasn’t necessary though.

The story was flawless and it wasn’t the usual plot. You are likely to make guesses of what would happen next and boom, the plot goes in another way. Feels like the writer made a conscious effort not to follow the norm and that was smart. One spectacular thing was how different messages and subplots were introduced without feeling detached from the story. Not a lot of movies are able to do that well but for Charge and Bail, the subplots flowed perfectly into the main plot. To be honest, the story is the normal day to day drama, but it was a different approach to storytelling. For one, the fact that Boma wasn’t presented as a rude rich girl was good and also the fact that she and Dotun didn’t get to kiss or start their love life despite obvious display of affection was also intriguing.

The actors did a good job and it is safe to say Zainab Balogun is gradually becoming Nollywood’s darling. Moving on to Femi Adebayo, Stan Nze, Bimbo Manuel, Folu Storms amongst many others were a delight to watch. And Oh yes, the acting of even the minor characters were so impressive.

The infusion of comedy was a perfect fit into the series and really, one would have thought it would ruin the message of the story but No, it added just the perfect spice to the film. Once again, the writer deserves a plus for this.

The title is one thing that might get a minus because it isn’t as catchy as the film itself and since the title is the first attraction tool, it could have just been better.

The editor deserves a standing ovation as the cuts were beautiful to watch and one that you won’t forget easily is the kiss between Boma and Dotun from the hotel, down to the house. The director did a good job but needs to answer why words like “Fuck” were being used in a Law Firm. That didn’t sit down well, especially because of the setting in which the film was situated.

In all, Charge and Bail is a beautiful movie and is highly recommended. It’s a movie you wouldn’t mind watching again and it deserves an 8/10.