Kerae Homes: Providing Easy, Luxury Properties In Nigeria?

Owning a home, with all its advantages, can be stressful and frustrating too. However, with proper research and direction from a good property management company like ours, Kerae Homes is your most accessible and affordable option.


Kerae Homes, a real estate company launched in 2016; is set to launch another exceptional property ownership opportunity named Hamlet Apartments. Since inception, Kerae Homes has continued to help people buy, sell, rent, renew, and manage properties, as well as their property portfolios. 


A beautiful thing about Kerae Homes’ processes is that they understand how owning and managing properties can be stressful and difficult in Nigeria. 


This is why Kerae Homes have been greatly commended by their customers and clients over the last 5 years for their ease of service which has provided a relaxing experience which would have otherwise been a back-breaking or bank-breaking one.


It is imperative for property management businesses to understand ease and Kerae Homes has proven that over the years while earning the trust of their customers, to manage the most difficult property transactions in Nigeria.


Having lived in the United State for more than 20 years and with over 10 years in the real estate industry abroad, Uk Elendu, Director/CEO founded Kerae Homes with the vision of giving Nigeria the best possible reputation across Africa when it pertains to luxury and classy homes. 


Leading the management team as General Manager is Peter Elendu, an accountant with over 10 years experience in management and an Industry expert not only in Nigeria’s real estate terrain but also in most Sub-Saharan African countries.


Nigel Ojji, a skilled Marketing & Sales, Negotiation, Business Planning, Entrepreneurship, Administration, and Management professional with a business development professional Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management from Pan African University and an MBA from Ahmadu Bello University, holds the position of Executive Marketing Director.


Chika Okoli, who with a vast experience in real estate has moved through the ranks from consultant to operations manager, building a solid experience in her area of expertise, serves as Kerae’s Sales & Marketing Manager while Dian Dideolu, who boasts of over 10years of experience in real estate specializing in finance, human resources administration and business startup, oversees the company’s Finance & HR Manager.


With the most experienced industry hands and human resource on deck, the Kerae Homes team boasts of the best Real Estate powerhouse in Nigeria.


A property management company should be a friend of your money and Kerae Homes understands how important having this type of relationship is, especially when you are looking to buy your first home. 


Their excellent client service and professional guidance, provides more than enough assistance and guidance when it comes to your property management needs.

“In the past four years, I have been actively involved in property purchase and development at Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State. The future wealth we were advertising and asking people to invest in four years ago has begun manifesting returns. The activities of SMEs & MSMEs within the area has increased by 40% since January this year. When I visit these days, I see a rapid population growth. At the moment, housing demand is on the increase while supply is low. A lot of investors who bought lands are yet to develop, but the good news is that we are already building to solve this housing deficit”, Nigel Ojji said.


According to Peter Elendu,

“The best news about working with Kerae Homes is that you won’t have to search hard to get the best options for your dream home and no matter where you are coming from or where you are looking to end up, Kerae Homes real estate company is there for you; from the point of finding or designing your dream property, to finding out the best management structure that is perfect for you. The fact is that we will serve you with the best in class luxury properties.”


With the many real estate companies in Nigeria, affordability is what sets this organization apart from the bunch. It is very affordable! 


The ease of doing business and affordability has seen Kerae Homes, stand out from the crowd over the last few years. This can be better viewed in their Lekki portfolio and the volume of retainers they currently enjoy. For Hamlet Apartments, these are going to be features that are not easy to come by elsewhere.


If you have always wanted to build or own your own home, this is a service that is so great that it should be available to everyone. Kerae Homes has the best service offerings that you will find anywhere in Nigeria. Visit the Kerae Homes official website for more info.