Popular singer and, guitarist, Olugbemiro Tokunbo, aka GT Da Guitarman, in this interview with Kemi Filani News opens up on why he took a break from music, why celebrity marriages fail, amongst other issues

What have you been up to?

What have I been up to? Break in transmission. That is the best way to describe it. There is usually break in transition some times, but for me, there was a long break in transmission. I wouldn’t deny that leaving the label that I was on probably affected the GT brand. Every single time you have not seen me, I have been busy developing other aspects of myself. Now that I am interested in sharing my song, you are in for a lot of amazing songs. It is the experience that will birth the song. We have the experience in abundance right now.

Do you think your song ‘Dreamer’ still resonates with Nigerians today?

I bless God for inspiring me to write that kind of song. Not just Nigeria, It resonates with everyone in the world today. It resonates with politicians, budding actors, dreamers and people who hope for better futuristic events. Whatever your mind can conceive you definitely can achieve it. It will take a lot of people time to understand that the world we live in, is a world where everything and anything is possible. For some, they will have to take time out and search before they find the beauty of life.I am very passionate about Nigeria and Africa. I look forward to the new crop of young Nigerians that have been agitating for change in our way of reasoning, circumstances and life of the ordinary NigeriansIt is not just about leadership, it is also about followership. If the followers are not complaining, then nothing will happen. Now that the youth have started clamouring for change, it becomes a sin for the leadership not to listen to the youth because we are the energy of the economy. We are the future of this country. I like the fact that ‘Dreamer’ still resonate with lots of Nigeria. I’m here to give them more amazing memories.

What is the weirdest memories you have heard with female fans?

I don’t see my memories weird anymore because I have seen it all. I appreciate all my fans for showing me love over the years. Even when I wasn’t pushing music, they still kept making me feel special. The weirdest thing is that a fan once traveled from very far just to watch my event. I think that was weird because she doesn’t even have a place to sleep that night. She came from a northern state

What is your view of the kind of music that is being churned out by the new generation of musicians?

Great music. The kind of music they make is very rhythmic. I have been understudying a lot of those music. The second coming of GT 2.0, has to come with understanding the market, what people like and what the new musicians are doing. I find their music rhythmic. It has a kind of vibe. When you listen to an instrument, you wouldn’t necessarily look out for lyrics but you will be looking for the vibe, less of lyrics, but the music is fun and enjoyable and we are learning.

What can be done to savage celebrity marriages?

I think the question we should be asking is what can be done to salvage marriages? Because every marriage faces similar issues. It is about two people wanting to live together but at some points, comes the dilemma of I want to go right, but you want to go left, when there is no love, that makes you blindly follow each other. If you guys don’t love yourself enough to compromise, you go separate directions. When you have marriage between entertainers, they have to a core fans that they have to service and feed. Marriage is about understanding. Love brings a reason to understand and let go. Someone acts in a way that you don’t like, but because you love them, you stay because you want to make someone happy.

What do you want to be remembered for?

If there is any mistake I made in the past, it is that I gave up my path at some point. I told myself that I was tired of music and stopped. I have been beaten enough for making such statements. The story that I will be remembered for is that I am someone who rose from the dead, who came and took everything back. In the coming week, the stories will start unveiling and people will come to find out that nothing is too late.