Fast-rising Yoruba Nollywood actress Oloruntimilehin Bosede Bukola popularly called Kiitan Bukola, has slammed those criticizing his bikini photos.

Bukola, who is currently on vacation took her Instagram page to share a seductive photo of herself rocking a see-through bikini and giving a free show of her backside.

She captioned the post: Boat cruise. All abt me. All that matters, my happiness…

Kiitan Bukola received several backslashes from her fans and followers over the photo, which got her infuriated as she described them as hypocrites.

In a new post, the actress said that people would not appreciate her with lovely comments when she posts photos of herself wearing clothes covering her body. Still, when she wears a bikini, they come to attack and insult her.

Bukola urged her critics to channel the energy they used ba-mouthing her bikini photos to photos of her wearing other outfits.

She wrote: When you post pictures and you wore clothes that covers your body they won’t even appreciate with nice comments Small bikini some people will be doing like assistance Jesus , insulting and saying all sorts of things ..

Where was this same energy before now ? Hypocrisy! put the same energy on pictures that is not abt bikini …. You have never written a good comment on my pictures before then boom it’s about Bikini and you feel you have a say.

You gon be alright. You gerrit , if you don’t gerrit forget about … Still chopping the life of my head

Kemi Filani News recalls Bukola Kiitan revealed why she likes keeping at a distance and avoids female friends among her colleagues.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Bukola Kiitan said that if someone hurts her and she distances herself from such person, it doesn’t mean she is keeping grudges but only staying on her lane for sanity sake.

Bukola said she is the type of person that gets hurt efficiently, and when she is angry, she does not overlook things, especially if she likes the person so much.

According to the actress, it is easy to argue with male friends and settle, but ladies will always take it to another level, and she does not want problems.