Kayanmata seller, Jaruma has supported Cubana Chiefpriest in the race to bring down Big Brother Naija housemate Maria over her cheating scandal with a married man, Kelvin.

It is no longer news that Kelvin, who happened to Cubana Chief priest’s in-law, was called out for cheating on his wife with Maria on Sunday, 24th, 2021.

According to Cubana Chiefpriest, Maria stole his sister’s husband and constantly sent her threat. Hence, he vowed never to allow such an act to slide as he promised to go after Maria in Dubai.

Taking to her Instagram page, the Kayanmata seller has vowed to hand Maria over to Dubai police for threatening and sleeping with a married woman.

According to her, Maria should have dated her married man without rubbing it on the wife’s face. Calling him late at night and flaunting his cars and wristwatch to pepper his wife is inappropriate.

Jaruma said Maria is a wicked and heartless home breaker and must be dealt with mercilessly.

She wrote:

DATE UR MARRIED MAN WITHOUT RUBBING IT ON THE WIFE’S FACE..!! Calling his phone late at night 10pm to 3am KNOWING VERY WELL THAT HE IS AT HOME WITH HIS WIFE…!!! Stop Posting his cars, his watch & $50,000 dollars in cash just to pepper his wife 🌶

Dear @cubana_chiefpriest@ihemenancy please count me in on the Hot Slaps & Punches 👋👋👋🥊🥊🥊 Hand Must Touch Wicked Heartless Home Breakers…!! Also, if ur sister needs someone to console her & wipe her tears, tell her that 98% of Nigerian women are here for her ❤️❤️❤️ swipe Left swipe Left swipe Left