A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to celebrate after graduating with 5.00 CGPA and was declared the Vice Chancellor of her university for one day.

The lady identified as Kaitlin Akwada while speaking about how she achieved the great feat in an Instagram post, attributed the success to faith and work.

According to her, her result is proof that “the power to attract what you desire lies in your hands”, while narrating how she had already written her speech a year before her graduation.

Sharing the good news on her Instagram page, she wrote,

“Today, I was declared the Vice Chancellor-for-One-Day in my university, Godfrey Okoye University, with a CGPA of 5.00. This is not only an answered prayer, but proof that the power to attract what you desire lies in your hands.

About a year ago, I wrote a speech in commemoration of this auspicious occasion, before I even hit a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.00. I put my faith to work and took action. Even the Bible buttresses the importance of backing up your faith with work [ James 2:26].

In the words of Amelia Earhart, “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” Aim higher. Break barriers. Reach for the stars. You got this!❤”.