Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has specifically called out debtors who give negative energy to those they borrowed from while returning their money.

According to the actor, the thoughts engraved in the minds of some debtors is that the people who lend them money have a lot in their possession, whereas money lenders thought the debtors needed it at that moment more than they do.

However, he said debtors should desist from exhibiting negativity when they want to return the money they borrowed since it’s an agreement.

After collecting somebody’s hard-earned money with a smile, Alex said they return it with a frown or after much persuasion or pestering. At the same time, some might even establish enmity with the person.

He wrote:

When someone lends you money, it doesn’t mean they have alot. It means they thought u needed it more than them…. so learn to return people’s money with the same energy and smile u borrowed it with.