A Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu has opined that sex tapes don’t just leak but are most times intentionally released by the parties involved.

The Malawi based priest stated this in a lengthy Facebook post while reacting to a leaked sex tape that rocked the internet days ago.

He berated people who were desperate to see the video and stated that it’s shameful that many people are obsessed with watching dirty things other people do.

In his words,

“So because there was a ‘leaked’ sex tape online, that was why you were seen on every comments and blog sites looking for who has it so you could watch. . .Mtchwww!

Does it not look shameful to you that you are obsessed with watching the dirty things other people do? Now that you have finished watching it, how does it make you feel? A simple temptation to test your resilience and ability to overlook certain things, you still fell for it.
Tomorrow, you will blame Lot’s wife for looking back and turning into a pillar of salt. After that, you will blame King David for looking at a bathing woman and developing lustful thoughts.

The greatest virtue you desperately need in this internet age is CONTROL. If someone does not respect his or herself enough to the extent that they will make videos of their fornications, respect yourself enough not to consciously watch them. Be in control of what goes into you, you are far too precious to be fed garbage.

There are many reasons why people are here online. Sometimes, sex tapes don’t just leak; most times, they are intentionally released under the guise of “leaked” for reason best known to those involved. #MtchwwwSeries”.