Days back, the sex tape of music star, Tiwa Savage surfaced online and it sparked various comments on social media.

KFN recalls that Savage had  revealed that she would not be blackmailed into paying money to shut the blackmailer up adding that she was simply “doing something natural” with her boyfriend.

The Afrobeats star also stated that the video was not from her team. Rather, she said it was accidentally posted on Snapchat by her lover who deleted it immediately when he realized the mistake.

Big Brother Africa star, Tayo Faniran in a chat with Kemi Filani News Savage to move on.
“About the sex tape, I would tell her to move on because people have different reasons why they would want to bring her down. Hers is sex tape today, mine is because I came out to talk about Big Brother Africa of 2014.The fact is we are all attacked. They attack people in different ways. Focus on the positive side, focus on your child, and focus on your career. Focus on enjoying your life. Cut people who wants to remind you of negativity out. Take out anyone that want to work against your sanity in your life”.
Fans of the reality Tv star, Tayo Faniran were stunned recently when he alleged that he was threatened by the show organizers after the show’s finale seven years ago when he wanted to speak up about his concerns.
In a lengthy outburst on Instagram, the role interpreter demanded explanations from the organizers, concerning the outcome of the results.
Shedding light on the issue, he told Kemi Filani News: ”This is not a fight between me and a person, it’s not even a fight between me and the brand Multichoice, I am part of the family and I will forever be because our names are intertwined now. There is no hating .It is just a thing of me wanting closure. I was 28  when I came out of Big Brother Africa house .When I came out and I was supposed to do my press conference in South Africa, I refused, I said I didn’t want to do it. The organizers in South Africa handled the situation well by taking me into a special room. They sat round the table and the leader said ‘Tayo when you came for the audition, we saw your personality and we couldn’t believe that someone like you exist. Don’t rob yourself of the expression of the press conference. Because in the future you might feel like you should have done this.’ So I took the advice and went for the press conference. I said everything I wanted to.”

“On getting to Nigeria for my press conference in Lagos, when I said I felt robbed, I have my reasons for feeling robbed. The next thing at my home coming party, I was called into a corner by three Multichoice officers and one of them in his words said:’Tayo we see your pain, we know your pain .We know you are ready to fight, let me tell you what? You cannot win. Because we own everywhere. It will work for you if you are our friend. But if you go against us, it’s going to affect your career’. I had to keep quiet because I didn’t want anything to happen to my career”.