Canada-based Nigerian comedian, MC Morris, has revealed plans to return to Nigeria from Canada due to the high cost of living abroad.

Taking to his Instagram story, the event compere itemized his monthly expenses in the North American country and it amounted to about N1 million.

According to him, other minor expenses like feeding and gas bill was not included in the bill. He went on to lament the relatively high cost of living there and stated that living in Nigeria isn’t that expensive.

He further stated that this is his last month in Canada and he is set to return to Nigeria where the living expenses is less expensive.

“$2300 for montly rent, $400 for monthly insurance, $80 for wifi montly, $75 for phone bill, $100 for car park. Feeding, gas and small family problem not included yet o. This is my last month in Canada, naija here I come, naija nor difficult like this,” he wrote.

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