Controversial Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing has blasted a troll who accused him of snatching someone’s husband.

This comes after Nkechi Blessing to her Instagram page to share a beautiful moment with her husband and Ekiti State politician, Opeyemi Falezy.

Captioning the post, Nkechi Blessing gushed over how her husband loves her so much irrespective of being stubborn, adding that he would help her carry her pregnancy.

She wrote: Na him go help me carry the below. I too love this man, he makes loving him easy cus he loves the hell out of me, cus I over stubborn, no worry.

Reacting to the post, a troll accused Nkechi Blessing of having a nice moment with someone’s husband and asked about Elijah, her son.

Responding, Nkechi Bless questioned the sanity of the troll and asked if her husband belong to his sister.

Nkechi Blessing recently shared her husband’s reaction after serving him fart in bed at night.

In a video shared on Instagram, we can hear Nkechi Blessing’s husband lamenting about the smell of the fart, and Nkechii Blessing jokingly said is he not meant to enjoy the smell.

Captioning the post, Nkechi Blessing said he had almost killed her husband with fart throughout the night and apologised to him.

She wrote: Lmao. This kind of night na farting night, sorry babe. I don use mess finish this man, God abeg oo.