Former Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemate Queen has narrated how she and her brother escaped a terrible incident at their apartment.

In the lengthy post shared on her Instagram page, Queen said she woke up excited and suddenly discovered her apartment was filled with smoke.

According to Queen, their hope was dashed after they attempted to use the hotel elevator and discovered there was no light and it was not functioning.

Queen added that she and her brother, including her bestie, had to run down from the 25th floor to the ground floor, and while her friend was panicking, her brother was calm about the situation, but she kept praying in tongues and God saved her.

She wrote: Waking up to a beautiful morning, excited and getting ready for the day. And then the unexpected happened. So I heard the alarm twice but then I didn’t pay attention because I was trying to reach out to my makeup artist. Suddenly I discovered my apartment was filled with smoke.

I opened the door and the whole place was filled with smoke. The elevator in the hotel wasn’t working anymore. No light in the building. I ran back to my apartment to alert my brother and bestie panicking. My apartment is on the 25th floor of the hotel.

How we were gonna get to the ground floor we had no idea. My anxiety got to another level, but I decided to stay calm so I don’t scare my bestie and brother. We took a bold decision to run down the stairs, to find the hotel stairs was another issue, luckily we found it and we started running all the way down to the ground floor from 25th floor.

Smoke everywhere we kept running, my bestie running and shouting, my brother was very calm and he handled the situation so well. Well I, on the other hand, kept speaking in tongues and saying to God it can never happen. Not on your watch. We finally got to the ground floor. Cutting the long story God save me this morning and I’m grateful to him.