Nigerian music artiste, Ric Hassani recently revealed how he once resorted to buying a brand new phone for one of his domestic workers because he hated the ring tone of said worker.

The singer took to his Twitter page to share that he’s very particular about his peace of mind and so shared the experience with his chef to drive home his point.

He wrote,

I so like my peace and quiet, i no like jiggy jiggy. I once bought my cook a new phone because I hated his ring tone. He had one of those small phones that the ringtone sounds like Korean cultural dance. It was stressing my deep thoughts.

A critic then replied his tweet stating that he should just have gone straight to telling everyone he bought a phone for his cook.

The singer then replied, “Lol how I go de pride ontop phone, how much is phone. With all the moni wey I get na phone of how much I go dey use carry shoulder. Mad,”