Nigerian Gay Activist Bisi Alimi, has taken to his social media page to bemoan the difficulty in being in the LGTBQI community as a Nigerian.

Read his rant below ;

Do you know how mentally and emotionally draining it is to be a Nigerian and be LGBTQI?

Do you know how hard it is to use the public platform you have to help your friends promote their business cos you are gay?

The constant fear that they might lose customers or people might question their sexuality because a gay man dare support them.

Do you know how hard it is to decide not to take pictures with your friends and when you do, not to post the pictures because you don’t want to get them in trouble?

So if you have never ever have to second guess yourself about the little things you take for granted, then don’t tell me your homophobia is just an opinion

If you have never been in a state of anxiety just to let the know you admire the people you love, then don’t tell me, I am forcing anything down your throat

Because everyday you have an ugly opinion about my innocent beautiful life, is everyday you make me think twice to do the simple things you do without thinking

So homophobes, why are you scared to own your hatred?
What about being a hater is shameful to you?
Own it with your full chest. Wave the flag of your hatred and stop the camouflage under the pretence of opinion