Biafra National Guard unveils

The Biafra National Guard (BNG) has unveiled rockets and declared it is combat-ready and not scared of Nigerian forces.


In a video shared to Facebook Tuesday night, November 2, the fighters revealed the rockets are named “Red Devil 01”.


The weapons were painted with Biafra colours.


In his remarks, BNG self-acclaimed leader, General Innocent Orji said: “We have re-declared the sovereignty of the Biafra nation; we have hoisted our flag. I and my men will defend Biafra with the last drop of our blood no matter what.


“We will be going out to defend our nation and boundaries, we are not afraid of the soldiers. We must do the needful. The support of the people will help us to save more lives.


“This is not 1967, we have our strategies. We won’t tell the people what we are going to do. Nigerian soldiers can never defeat us.”


Watch the video below.