Arsenal skipper, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, has named Kieran Tierney and Nuno Tavares as his team mates who are faster than him.

Aubameyang’s pace has set him apart from many other players in the Premier League.

French publication, Le Figaro, claimed he was the third fastest player in Europe last season after he reached a top speed of 35.5 km/h.

However, the 32-year-old has now confirmed that both Tierney and Tavares possess more pace than he does over short distances.

“I think no [not the fastest in the Arsenal team], I think we’ve got some players that are really quick. We have never done a real race, because if we do that I have my chances,” he told Yianni.

“At 80-100 metres I’m sure I’m one of the best, but in 30 metres, yea we’ve got some quick players, like Kieran Tierney and Nuno Tavares, they are really quick in their first steps.

“When I was 18-19 years old I’d kill them, 100 percent.”