Kim Jong-un orders North Koreans to worship

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, 37, wants to be worshipped by his people.


The dictator is pushing “Kimjongunism” which hails him as a “Great Leader”.


Portraits of his father and grandfather in the capital city of Pyongyang have been taken down to present Kim John-un as unrivalled in his position of power.


Kim Jong-Un’s grandfather, Kim Il-sung founded the country in 1948 and became the third longest-serving political leader of the 20th century.


According to South Korea’s spy agency though, Kim hopes his image and reputation can surpass that of his grandfather and his dad, Kim Jong-il who followed.


Reports claim the term “Kimjongunism” is being promoted in government circles and state media is calling Kim “Great Leader”, which has previously only been used in reference to Kim Il-sung.


Fyodor Tertitskiy from Kookmin University in Seoul, told NK News: “The signal cannot be clearer.


“Kim Jong-un does not like certain aspects of the system that his father and grandfather have forged — specifically the one tying the successor’s legitimacy to his deference to his predecessors. The current leader wants to be his own autocrat.”


North Korean media is yet to use the term “Kimjongunism” but The National Intelligence Service reported its behind-closed-doors promotion to MPs in Seoul last week.


“Kimilsungism” described the ideology of Kim’s grandfather towards the end of his reign in the 1970s and was followed by “Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism”, Mail Online reports.


Kim Il-sung banned the communist works of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin to create his own legacy but it is considered different from his grandson’s recent developments.