Laila Charani biography – everything to know about Ned Nwoko’s ex-wife

Laila Charani gave a shocking update some hours ago on social media after she revealed that her marriage with Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko is over.

She made this known via her IG page as she urged her fans and followers not to talk about her marriage with Ned Nwoko as she has nothing to do with him anymore.

Laila Charani also directed every follower on her IG following because the Nigerian billionaire to unfollow her as she wouldn’t entertain any question about him.

Charani’s latest move is coming at a time when Ned Nwoko and Nigerian actress Regina Daniels are holidaying in the middle east as they have shared photos of them at Jordan, the Red Sea, among other tourist attractions in that part of the world.

Since the recent update by Laila Charani, Nigerians have taken to various platforms to share their reactions, with many raising questions on what went wrong.

This article is focused on what you should know about Laila Charani, continue reading to see more.

Profile Summary

Full name Laila Charani
Gender Female
Date of birth 29th January 1991
Age 30 years old
Nationality Moroccan
Popular as Ned Nwoko’s wife
Children Three

Laila Charani’s biography

Laila Charani was born on the 29th of January 1991 in Morocco; there are no details of who her parents are. She is a Moroccan by birth and celebrated her 30th birthday in January.

Her 30th birthday was celebrated by the Nwoko’s family in January and saw her now former husband dropping a message as well to celebrate her.

There is nothing much known about Laila Charani until she moved to Nigeria and married Ned Nwoko. Her marriage to the Nigerian billionaire pushed her to the limelight in the country.

There are claims that Laila Charani is Ned Nwoko’s first wife; this report is, however, appears to be untrue as some of Ned Nwoko’s children are older. Another claim is that she is the billionaire’s fifth wife, which is more accurate.

Laila Charani has three children for Ned Nwoko; two females and one male.

Laila Charani and Regina Daniels

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels is the sixth wife of Ned Nwoko, and her marriage to Ned Nwoko was what pushed the Nigerian billionaire to the limelight.

Laila Charani seems to have a great relationship with Regina Daniels as she was supportive of the actress during the birth of her son Munir Nwoko in 2020.

Charani visited Regina Daniels at the hospital after the birth of her son, and the move was widely applauded on and off social media.

Ned Nwoko

His full name is Prince Ned Munir Nwoko, and he happens to be one of the popular billionaires in Nigeria.

The Nigerian billionaire in 2020 undertook a symbolic expedition to Antarctica to flag off a Malaria Eradication Project and has been pushing the movement ever since then.

Apart from being a billionaire, one of the noticeable things about Ned Nwoko is that he has many wives, the billionaire at a point revealed he could marry more wives.

Ned Nwoko’s marriage to Ned Nwoko was received with mixed reaction owing to their age differences.

Two other popular wives of Ned Nwoko are Lily Nwoko, who is his first wife, and Lina Nwoko. The Nigerian billionaire is reportedly worth $1.5 billion and is rated highly in the country.