Everest Coin ($EVCoin), the latest launch in Blockchain Gaming, has shown its product to be most promising among such crypto GameFi projects globally.

Since its September 21 launch, Everest Coin experienced a 2,000% surge in less than 72 hours, a move that revealed an unrivalled acceptance of the new gaming project, and the merging of GameFi and Defi. This is in spite of the intense bear rush being experienced in the crypto world.

According to Ayodeji Onibalusi, Chairman Micro-Infusion, Dubai, “Crypto gaming has been getting a lot of press recently because it has been creating fantastic opportunities for crypto investors and gamers to cash in on the in-game NFTs craze and other benefits available on the numerous play-to-earn gaming platforms.”

He added that “The merging of crypto gaming and decentralised finance has been happening for some time now too. Last year alone showed a huge potential for making a lot of gains in blockchain gaming, and it seems to still be at its infant stage. In fact, GameFi is predicted to be the next big thing that makes NFT, DeFi and the larger crypto space easier to understand and even get involved in, which explains why a lot of large-scale influencers are shifting towards it.”

Also buttressing his point is Haastrup Olufemi, Assistant Director, Litectech Ltd, representing Micro Infusion In Africa and Middle-East: “Barely one month after the launch, Everest Coin has been among the best performing gaming coins globally, and it has maintained that streak. We are currently gunning to beat other established play-to-earn projects like CryptoKitty and Axie infinity. With the release of the 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion) token supply on Binance Smart Chain, our star project has been creating a lot of buzz in the GameFi world because of its unique economic model, high playability and its irresistible reward system,” he said.

Onibalusi had also stated that just as the name implies, Everest Coin gaming project was inspired by the resilience, persistence, and passion it takes to climb the gigantic 8,850 meters high Everest mountain. “In the game, players will attempt to climb to the peak of the mountain in spite of the different levels of difficulties that they will be faced with.

“Players will at this point be given an opportunity to interact with other players, as well as enjoy their game and earn $EVCoin points. This play-to-earn concept adoption will also allow gamers and investors to earn NFTs like the Green Jacket, the Green Boot, and the Green Glove. The more gamers play and level up, they will earn more Everest Coins. The NFTs, on the other hand, can equally be used to perform in-game tasks, or even sold on NFT marketplaces like Rarible or Open Sea, to make profit.”

In a bid to solidify their foothold in the crypto gaming market, Everest Coin has also recently announced a partnership with Mazer Gaming. Mazer Gaming, one of the few e-sports organisations involved actively in the blockchain space, and equally incorporating crypto into its esports events has over 1 million gamers in their network, which means hundreds of thousands of gamers already have their eyes on EVCoin’s play-to-earn game and will have access to it. This partnership has proven to be a big win for $EVCoin.

Sitting at a low market cap of just about $6m and about 6,000 holders, Everest Coin still has a lot of growth potential when compared to projects like Axie infinity which already has a market cap of more than $4.5B.And unlike many existing play-to-earn games, gamers won’t need to part with thousands of dollars to play, instead, players can enter with a small buy-in and enjoy the play-to-earn gaming experience.

For crypto enthusiasts and everyone interested in the GameFi model, this is revolutionary, and the best part is that the EverestCoin project has come to stay.