Controversial Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky recently took a swipe at a slay queen who sprayed a mere N100k at a party, which according to him, is far below the standards of a true slay queen.

The effeminate, in a post on his Snap recently, revealed how he went for a party and what he experienced got him quite upset. According to him, the slay queens present at the party weren’t capable of spraying money and the one who did, with so much noise, sprayed a mere N100k.

He shared that if he were the one, she would have at the very least, sprayed N3m, if he was close to the person being sprayed on.

She wrote,

I went to one party and I was so upset. Those girls cant afford to spray damn and you call urself slay queen

One that makes so much noise on snap sprayed 100k

If I bobrisky want to spray the least I will spray you if we are so close is 3,000,000 ask around

If we are not too close I will spray you 1.5m

If am not close to you at all I willspray you 500k