Ann Iwelue, a sister to a man, Samuel Iwelue, trapped in the debris from the Ikoyi building collapse has taken to her Instagram page to share the last video he made while entering the structure on Monday, November 1.

In the video, Samuel looked so happy as he drove into the compound. He jokingly spoke about the heat in Nigeria and how the air conditioner in the car wasn’t cooling due to the hot temperature in Lagos

According to reports, Samuel Iwelu is said to have come to Nigeria for a wedding in Abuja. There he met the developer, his friend who told him of a massive structure he was constructing in Lagos. They flew to Lagos to see the construction. Sadly, that was the last time anyone heard from Samuel.

Ann shared the video and wrote ;

”Please people help…..

is this how an recuse mission should go?

This is no longer a rescue mission this a demolition. What are the chances anyone would survive. We are killing potential survivors like this.

Please I need help, my brother may be in there. I can’t watch this anymore. I can’t speak enough because I don’t want them to stop but they need to change this approach, you are pulling things over anyone caved in head.

Please help me post and repost again. I need experts my brother is a survivor but we they are making his fighting chance slimmer.”