Nigerian Radio Personality, N6 has visited the site of the collapsed Ikoyi building and he revealed that it is more complicated than what he initially thought.

N6 revealed that the rubble alone is as big as a 10-storey building and several bodies are still unaccounted for.

His tweets read ;

If you Dey look this Ikoyi building that collapsed on your phone it looks small & easily manageable. I passed the site today. The rubble alone is as big as a 10+ storey building. Several bodies unaccounted for + they say Voices can still be heard in the Rubble 3 days later. Frowning face

I honestly do not know where this people will start and finish. This is a Calamity of Horrendous Proportions. Everyone here is super confused and basically just Winging it.

This visit just ruined my entire wknd. I wont get myself for a while. They don’t tell you about how Mangled the discovered bodies are; both the Living and the Dead. Everyone is Exhausted. The Rubble is complicated. Heavy Concrete & Iron. Lift 1 Place; Somewhere else Collapses.