A TikTok influencer has exposed the trick behind glamorous Instagram photographs – saying influencers “don’t look like that 24/7”.


She says the photos people compare themselves to online are all a matter of striking the right pose and sticking to flattering angles.


Josephine Livin, from Copenhagen, Denmark, is an influencer herself – with tens of thousands of followers on her social media account.


However, her mission is to prove “that social media is fake”.


In her “Instagram vs Reality” videos, Josephine shows how different you can look by manipulating lighting and poses.



She shared photos of her stomach with a seemingly toned midriff and another photo showing her stomach with folds.



She also posted a TikTok titled “The people you compare yourself to online don’t look like that 24/7”.


The influencer shared “before” shots of her body looking tensed and posed, before comparing them to “after” shots where she relaxed to show that the body can significantly change depending on lighting and posture.


See below.