Popular Nigerian on-air personality and television presenter, Stephanie Coker has revealed the value placed on lives in Nigeria is poor following the countless people trapped in the recent Ikoyi collapsed building.

It is no longer news that the week started off on a tragic note as a 21 storey building under construction unexpectedly collapsed with people trapped underneath. According to reports, several deaths have been recorded more than the number of survivors.

Ranting about the situation, the media personality disclosed that Nigerians are exposed to emotional trauma due to bare minimum standards which are supposed to avert such calamities are not existing in most sectors.

According to Stephanie, it is not normal for a trailer to fall on a car and a building to just collapse; it is negligence towards some standards that prompt such calamities. Hence, Nigerians would have to pray about everything due to the failing system.

Speaking further, she said there needs to be value placed on human lives in Nigeria as she couldn’t help but think about those trapped in the collapsed building.