A Nigerian man has written an open letter to his male counterparts.

In his letter which focused on financial comparability in couples, Jisambo opined that a woman doesn’t need to take permission from her man on how to spend her own money. He averred that women can consult with their men but are not compelled to take their business advice.

”Dear Men,

Your wife doesn’t need your permission to take financial decisions regarding her own money. She can buy and sell land, houses, and conduct other business transactions.

She may however choose to consult you. And she may choose to disregard your business advice if she doesn’t find it viable. It’s her discretion.

Most of the stuff some of you love to flex muscle on top as religious instructions are just normative balderdash mixed with some “Allah says/Prophet says”. If a woman trusts you, she won’t hide anything from you. But most times, it is that your ego and feeling of entitlement that makes them hide stuffs from you.

I know a Muslim woman that bought a car for herself and the husband stopped giving her money for domestic upkeep. Another one bought a land and the husband insisted that she must put his name as the owner because he is the man!

Please stop that entitlement nonsense!

Give our women a perfect level playing ground to thrive like their mates are doing in other parts of the world. The success of our women should make us feel happy. Not threatened.

Lastly, go back to Islamiya. Stop mistaking your ego for islam. Islam does not thrive on anybody’s opinion.”