Nigerian filmmaker, Imoh Umoren has narrated how someone stole his idea for a movie and still invited him to the said movie’s premiere.

Taking to Twitter, Umoren said it was after the incident he realized that people use cocaine because the audacity was definitely not from a clear head.

“Someone once stole my idea for a movie and invited me to the premiere. That was when it first occurred to me that people use cocaine,” he wrote.

Upon questions from his followers, he revealed that he had a conversation with the production team and they admitted to using his script for the movie.

According to him, he had to let it go because the people involved were more powerful than he was at the time. He however revealed that he was subsequently compensated by them.

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A while ago, Imoh Umoren expressed shock and disbelief after someone he hasn’t spoken to in ages reached out to him for money.

He tweeted, “Somebody that hasn’t spoken to me in a decade all of a sudden needs 2 million cos they are getting married. The clouds you see over Nigeria is made from cocaine dust.”