Entrepreneur and brand influencer Laura Ikeji has berated those criticising her over chin modification as she revealed that it is not plastic surgery as people presumed.

This comes after the brand-influencer had received several knocks on social media after flaunting her newly purchased chin.

According to Laura, fillers are not the same as plastic surgery, and she has never done any plastic surgery on her body before, unlike most people think.

Laura said fillers wear off for some time, which might take months, and people with their barbaric way of thinking attacked her.

Speaking further, she said any toxic person that has got attitude against her good vibes should comfortably walk away while she enjoys her space.

She wrote:

U can Not be nice to me. Everyone knows Laura likes to respect herself in public. U got attitude, I walk away. We can’t be in the same space baby.

Filers isn’t same as plastic surgery guys naija naija! God knows I’m so American for these ppl

Yo! people are legit mad about me getting fillers like.. something that would come off in months. Lol.