Nomthi Odukoya: Everything to know about Pastor Taiwo Odukoya’s late wife

On Tuesday, 9th of November 2021, the reports went viral on and off social media with the announcement of the death of Nomthi Odukoya, who was the wife of the senior pastor of the Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo.

The reports revealed that Nomthi Odukoya passed on after battling cancer for two years. The news of her death was made public by the church and her husband, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.

Following the announcement, prominent figures within and outside Nigeria have taken to various platforms to react and send their condolence messages to the family.

Nomthi Odukoya was a South African by birth and made it to the limelight after getting married to Nigerian Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.

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Profile Summary

Birth name Rosemary Simangele Zulu
Also known as Nomthi Odukoya
Gender Female
Date of birth 1974
Age 47 years old
Date of death 9th of November 2021
Place of birth South Africa
Nationality South African
Marital status Married to Pastor Taiwo Odukouya (2010 to 2021)
Children Timilehin and Jomiloju

Nomthi Odukoya’s biography

Her birth name is Rosemary Simangele Zulu, and she was born in 1974 in South Africa; there are no details of who her parents or siblings are.

Nomthi Odukoya is a South African by birth and was 47 years old until she died in 2021.


Nomthi Odukoya had her primary education in South Africa; she was a student of Natal College of Education between 1996 and 1999. She also holds a Masters degree from the University of Liverpool.


Nomthi Odukoya, until her death, was an educationist, life coach, writer and senior pastor at the Fountain of Life Church.

How Nomthi Odukoya met Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

Nomthi Odukoya revealed in an interview she met Pastor Taiwo Odukoya when he came to minister at Triumphant Church International, London, where she worshipped. She revealed that she did not have her eyes on him, because like every other minister that had come before him, she saw him as a man of God and found his message amazing and absorbing, which made her buy one of his books, titled Home Affairs.

The late Pastor revealed that after the conference, her pastor told her someone was interested in her, but she declined because she was seeing someone then; however, the relationship eventually did not work out; She told her pastor but not immediately.

Nomthi Odukoya would later meet Pastor Taiwo Odukoya when he had a stopover in London, and the rest they say is history.

Nomthi Odukoya marriage to Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

The marriage between Nomthi and Taiwo Odukoya took place at the Civic centre Lagos state in January 2010 with the likes of Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor E.A Adeboye, Pastor Itua Ighodalo and Pastor Paul Adefarasin, all in attendance. Their union was blessed with two boys named Timileyin and Jomiloju.