A lady has taken to social media to express disappointment after falling victim of “what I ordered versus what I got.”

The Facebook user identified as Doll Yawn shared photos of a stilettos she ordered online and what was delivered to her.

According to her, she ordered a yellow laced up heels from a Chinese vendor on the internet, however, when it arrived it was quite different from the item she ordered.

It also seemed like the lace wasn’t included in the package.

Disappointed customer shares

She said she would have gone to the store to vent her anger if it were to be a physical store.

Sharing the photos on Facebook, she wrote, “What I ordered vs what I got. I wish China was down the road cause I’ll pull tf up.”

See below,

In other news, a young man and his bride have gone viral on social media after the unintentionally made their wedding guests laugh so hard.

In the video, the bride was saying her vows according to the dictate of the officiating minister standing close to her and her man. While the vow was going on, the groom got emotional and started to cry. The bride then halted the vows and asked her man why he was crying.

She bluntly asked ‘Ikenna, why are you crying?” …. the officiating minister and everybody else present could not help it but laugh hysterically over the question.