Fans have reacted as some military officers arrested a famous Nigerian prankster, Zion Ubani Chibuike, popularly known as Zfancy, after he allegedly pranked someone on the street.

Zfancy is known for putting smiles on people’s faces with his expensive jokes and pranks; even though most of his stunts are risky, he still delivers to his audience.

However, Zfancy is undoubtedly one of the biggest pranksters in Nigeria.

In a video shared, the risk-taker was captured in one of the streets of Lagos where he implemented his pranks, arrested by military officers and was escorted to their van.

His pranks and jokes must have taken a wrong turn on someone he played, and his outburst led to the arrest of the prankster.

As expected, some netizens have supported his arrest as this will serve as a lesson for Zfancy due to his expensive joke that has mentally affected some people.

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@chyddo wrote: Some of their pranks are unnecessary. Not funny and too expensive. In as much as our military no deh coordinated but some of this pranksters need to stop!!

@iamjesspink wrote: But let’s be truthful,some of his pranks can be too extreme….

@etta_xoxo wrote: E don happen😹😹💔but low key ehn this guy is taking risk to put smile on people’s face o

@leaddyskincare wrote: Stressing people’s physical and mental health all in the name of jokes😢

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