A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share his family’s experience in response to a man who complained that his wife has refused to care for his blind mother.


The husband who made the complaint on Twitter said he is living abroad and his wife is in Nigeria taking care of their two young kids. He added that he invited his mother, who is aged and almost blind, to stay with his wife so she can care for the elderly woman but his wife has a problem with that (read here).



His post led to a debate and one Nigerian man named Ugwunna Ejikem has now responded by sharing a personal story.


Ejikem narrated how his elderly grandmother came to live with them and how it was hard for every family member, despite them employing professional caregivers.


He added that a number of the caregivers left after a short while.


He then asked why a man will expect his wife to single-handedly care for two young kids and an old, almost blind woman while the husband is abroad.


“Some if you nig**s is actually wicked and like to see your women suffer,” he concluded.