Zfancy’s biography: girlfriend, net worth, pranks

Nigeria’s top prankster and risk-taker Zfancy has been at the centre of the news in the last few hours after a video of him being arrested surfaced on social media.

Zfancy, who is known for his extreme pranks, was seen in the video as he was arrested by military officers and was escorted to their van.

It appears his one of his prank victims must have taken the issue up; there are, however, speculations that the arrest could be another prank from Zfancy as well.

Following the latest video, Nigerians have taken to various media to react; while some hailed the arrest as they stressed that his pranks were unnecessary, others stated that he was taking dangerous risks to make people happy.

Zfancy has gone on to become one of the most prominent YouTubers in Nigeria with his pranks video and has been able to build a source of income for himself, not minding the dangers.

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Profile Summary

Real Name Zion Ubani Chibuike
State Name Zfancy
Date of birth August 18, 1995
Age 26 years old in 2021
Nationality Nigerian
State of origin Abia State
Tribe Igbo
Profession Prankster, Content Creator

Zfancy’s Biography

His real name is Zion Ubani Chibuike, and he was born on the 18th of August 1995 in Lagos state. The record revealed his parents were strict as his father prevented him from going out and mixing with friends.

Tired of the kind of life he was subjected to Zfancy left home at the age of 14.

There are no details of who his siblings are, but he is a Nigerian by birth and celebrated his 26th birthday in August 2021.


Zfancy had his primary and secondary school education in Lagos state; there are no details of wether he proceeded further.


The record revealed that Zfancy began pranking as a career in 2017 and created a YouTube channel in August of that same year where he has been sharing his content to date and has been able to get more than 270,000 subscribers and over 27 million views.

Zfancy’s mother has been supportive of her son’s chosen career from the start, but who found out later was angry that he scares people to death with his career but has since moved to support his son.


Zfancy has made different and several pranks video, however, there are some which remain popular till date.

One of his popular pranks was the one that got him arrested in 2018 after he pranked a guy at a mall in Lekki part of Lagos state. The victim was angry for the embarrassment that followed as he had taken off his clothes which revealed his unclean inner-wears.

Another of Zfancy’s pranks that went viral was the one he brought a fake Wizkid to an event; everyone who watched the video believed it was the Nigerian singer as Zfancy used a guy who had the same body features as Wizkid.

Personal life

There are no details of wether Zfancy is in a relationship.

Net worth

Zfancy is reportedly worth between $70,000 to $100,000.