From the first scene, there are some movies that you can tell you are in for one hell of a sweet ride. Well, some of these movies end up disappointing you, while some are exactly what you pictured. So the question is, where does Nollywood movie “Progressive Tailors’ Club” stand. The disappointing movie or the HIT movie?

Progressive Tailors’ Club is a Nollywood comedy that focuses on what happens with Tailors, especially in their tailors’ association. The crux of the movie was when the association was about to choose its President, and then deep secrets of the candidates began to come out. What you are likely to anticipate is; Who became President?

You’d be thrilled from the movie’s first scene, and one has to give it to the director because not many movies know how to captivate the audience from the first scene. The aesthetics at the beginning would make you anticipate what other beautiful shots you will see in the movie. In a word, it was good!

True to its title. Progressive Tailors’ Club was a comedy, and the writer did well to pass the message as subtle as possible. The humour didn’t override the drama, and the writer did well in passing the movie’s message across. That is another plus. Then, the fact that 90% of the film was in a single scene just made it better. For real, it takes an excellent writer to write a movie in majorly one setting and not bore the viewer.

Trust this; you aren’t likely to be bored watching this movie. The writer and director also represented all the major cultures in Nigeria, both costume and dialogue.

However, it wasn’t so nice that when some of these characters spoke their native dialects, it wasn’t subtitled. So, for those moments, an Igbo person cannot understand when a Yoruba character is speaking in the movie and vice versa.
The acting was close to perfect, and this can be said for every character in the movie, including those who didn’t have so many lines.

There was equal energy amongst the actors, and it is safe to say the casting director chose the best hands for the roles. It made the movie more admirable. One factor to note here is Adedimeji Lateef, and honestly, he killed his role. Giving special credit to the late iconic actress, Rachael Oniga. Her acting in the movie is another reminder that Nollywood lost a star.
The cinematography, costume and makeup also deserve some credit because they did a great job.
As a whole, Progressive Tailor’s club was a good watch, and for ratings, it is getting a 9/10