Despite being endowed with impressive curves, fast-rising actress, Eva Chris is very much single looking out for true love.

In an encounter with Saturday Sun, the Anambra State born entertainer lamented that stardom has deprived her  that feeling of loving and being loved back.

Hear her: “Stardom has deprived me of true love. Nobody wants me for me, but because I am Eva. Some of my suitors want me to quit acting or content creation but I can’t do that. I end up rejecting their marriage proposals. Entertaining people is what makes me happy, so no man can take that away from me. I know at the end of the day, my home, my kids and husband would bring joy to my life, but for now, let me enjoy the happiness I derive from entertaining people.”

While expressing her position at the rate at which Nigerian celebrities wash their dirty linens in public, Eva Chris claimed she would prefer to have a secret marriage due to the fear of home breakers.

“I can’t put my relationship on social media because most girls are always bent on snatching people’s boyfriend. Once they see you in a happy relationship, they do everything possible to snatch the man away from you. I also don’t like people advising me on how to handle my relationship, so I just keep my private life off social media. Even if I get married today, people will not know because the way marriages crash on social media is very worrisome. However, for now I still single. I guess this is because I haven’t seen the man for me. Most times, I become confused; I don’t know what men want from me. Myself as Eva or my Bumbum,” she stated.