Nigerian media personality, Shade Ladipo has taken to social media to defend the anchor of Gulder Ultimate Search, Toke Makinwa, after she was dragged over the alleged low viewership of the show.

GUS organizer’s decision to bring on Toke Makinwa as the show host was met with mixed reactions on social media as some netizens opine that her personality doesn’t suit the rugged nature of the show.

 Shade Ladipo writes

She was also criticized for wearing heavy makeup in the jungle to which in response she said she isn’t the host and not a contestant.

Most recently, a Twitter user said people lost interest in the show because of the media personality. Read here.

In an apparent reaction to the hot takes on social media, Shade Ladipo stated that people are not watching the show because there is no sex and love drama.

“People are not watching GUS because there’s no Sex, Love, Drama (that involves sex/Love) & Awwwwnn
You people shoo let baby for life drink water and drop cup naaaa”,
she wrote.

See her post below,

 Shade Ladipo writes