Video of the Nollywood veteran actress Tina Mba scolding her grandson for not greeting on a movie set has surfaced online and sparked several reactions.

Tina Mba is a seasoned actress known to be versatile in any role assigned to her; even though she is Igbo, she could act in a Yoruba movie without batting an eye.

However, apart from being an actress, she has also disclosed the strict part of being a grandmother. She was captured instructing her grandson to greet everyone present at the movie set.

In a video shared, the scene took a sweet turn when the little boy who had just returned from school admitted to his wrongs and greeted everyone as his grandmother instructed.

Many Nigerians had appreciated the actress’s efforts in shaping her grandson as most grandmothers are fond of pampering their grandchildren in reaction to the post.

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@zenabless wrote: That’s it, grandma of the year

@tharwas_shop wrote: Lol that acceptance and hug got him all emotional 😂😂😂

@mamaariella wrote: This reminds me of my mum, made us practically kneel to greet everyone in our close back then. After she died no one still send us and they looked the other way even when we were in need. I wish I could take all my greeting back 😂

@nigeriamemes_ wrote: 😂 I like this woman 😂😂😂😂 as she be for film nah so she be for real life 😂😂😂😂

@rosechris__ wrote: Grandma they will come for you oh 😂😂😂. Our woke generation wil soon tell you respect is earned don’t force it 😂😂😂 .