Nigerian former female rapper Eva Alordiah has given her two cents on why couples need to learn how to handle their fight irrespective of the wrongs.

According to the rapper, fighting is a crucial part of a healthy and great relationship. However, it should be done respectfully as any relationship without fight or quarrel is based on pretence and deceit.

In her opinion, as a couple, you need to bring whatever annoys you to the table while being discussed respectfully.

Eva said couples need to learn to fight with love and avoid any dispute that would make them go to bed with resentment.

She wrote:

I really believe couples need to learn how to fight just as good as they fuck. Fighting is part of the equation for a great relationship. Have the hard conversations, lay your cards on the table.. fight respectfully, always remembering you are on the same team.

Fight with love. TRY not to go to bed with the fight still on. And if the slaps start flying, run! #EnergyGiver #EvaAlordiah #EvaAlordiahNotes