How is that even possible?

If you aren’t greedy and need a reliable and long-term profitable business, my football trading club is all you need.

Just 2minutes is all you need daily to implement. It’s merely a copy and paste!

Teejay is the team captain of a telegram channel called FOOTBALL TRADERS CLUB. He gave account of how he did it and one would have thought it’s a big deal but it is simple and easy.

He reinstates that he isn’t a tipster but a smart business guy who has mastered the art of making truckloads of cash from football betting/trading with his team members.

First step; He uncovered 2 reliable and trustworthy tipsters from Europe after testing several futile ones. He made use of the tips supplied from them daily. One supplies average of 1.7 odds daily and the other supplies average of 3 odds daily. Adetunji combines both to achieve 5+ odds daily.

The journey to uncovering the trusted tipsters took him 4years of falling into the hands of scammers. He still does try to get back-ups for his performing and trusted tipsters. So many stories but I have to cut short to save us time.

Second step; Adetunji sees football betting from a different perspective unlike many others sees it. The reason he called his approach FOOTBALL TRADING and not football betting. He follows a laid down plan. Only 2% of people around the globe into football betting know about this secret approach.

12 months Return

It’s 100% accurate and verified because we have operated this system for this period back-to-back.

Football Trading

As you can see, the system doesn’t return profit every month but most months it does. So, always think long term because it’s the key.

That’s analysis for a N1m capital being used monthly, do you know that if your capital was any amount aside from this, the percentage return remains the same. Examples…

⦁ N100,000 capital would have given N1.6million in last 12 months
⦁ N200,000 capital would have given N3.2million in last 12 months
⦁ N300,000 capital would have given N4.8million in last 12 months
⦁ N400,000 capital would have given N6.4million in last 12 months
⦁ N500,000 capital would have given N8million in last 12 months
⦁ N1million capital would have given N16million in last 12 months
⦁ N2million capital would have given N32million in last 12 months
⦁ Etc.

Randomly Selected Proof from few Members At the end of April

Football Trading

The highest earner up there traded with N4m in April to generate N14.7m.

Teejay is so proud and sure of his business and strategies that you will see his face like this on his telegram channel unlike most ghost online biz people you’ve come across.

These 6 months as displayed below is verifiable. On the telegram channel, every win from November 2020 to date were captured in the posts there if scrolled to back to see.

April ended in 406%. That’s a 306% profit for the month of March. Obviously a decent month. Best so far in 2021.

March ended in 150%. That’s a 50% profit for the month of March. Obviously the lowest so far in the last 5 months.

28th ended in a loss and revenue dropped to N263,000. That is a 263% return for February. A 163% pure profit!

January 2021 ended at N235,000. That is a 235% return. A 135% pure profit.

December ended at N241,000. That is a 241%

November ended on N562,000. That is 562%


This is not an investment program like some people have the misconception and thought they have to pay me money to give them profit. NO!

Read through this content very well.

This is football trading and the service rendered by TEEJAY is sharing his daily tips and strategy to use like he does. It’s this service that cost the fee he charges on his telegram channel.

You on your own will run it… open a sport betting account (sportybet), fund it with your trading capital. (Profit is directly proportional to this since returns is measured by percentage monthly), use 1minute of your time daily (10am) to copy and paste the code given, load it and stake.


100% transparency is the watch-word of the captain of this system. Therefore, you need to be informed that whenever it is off-season (June/July/August), it’s important you go on Vacation from part of your all season-long profit and take a break. As you can see, June never gave profit but swallowed a whopping 64% of Capital. August too was poor. Only Lion-hearted can roll in this period as the result are often poor coz of unavailability of enough league matches to analyse by the tipsters.

Interestingly, I have recently uncovered another system known as the 3-odds rollover system. It’s a 3 odd daily system but we adopt the strategy of looking out for a back-to-back win to turn our return to 10+ odd when such happens. As in the example below.

As you can see above, the concept of the 3-odd system is to win in a day and used all amount won to strike the following day. Once achieved, that’s a jackpot of 10+ odds. Just 5 of such in a month will give over 200% profit.

300% average monthly return is what this source gives monthly… It’s a whole system on its own which cost 100k for 30days access. But you will get it as BONUS once you join the 5+ odd system this month only.

Click Here=> , to subscribe to Adetunji’s telegram channel and you will see the process to join his team. He doesn’t gamble but follow a laid down rule. He uses 5% of his capital to stake each game and does capital recalculation along the line. He trusted his tipsters from Europe and strictly use their games.

He confessed that there are times that the tipster does have bad days. He recalled a certain bad month where there were 10 back-to-back losses but having come a long way to trust them, he always keeps calm, think of long-term benefits and hope for the best. And overall, it’s been fantastic.

This whole thing might look complex especially to those who are not used to football betting already. But it isn’t. Even someone who hasn’t done anything related to football betting before can implement this. Even if you don’t know who C. Ronaldo or Mourinho is.

I have told ADETUNJI to give more detailed explanation of the steps and processes involved, including sharing the games of his trusted Tipsters. If you want that, Great! It means you can replicate his success.


Below is this Guy in the little world of his own. He vowed to me that his target is for Naija bookies to recognize his threat to them and come looking for him to pay him off with hundreds of Millions of Naira to stop teaching Nigerians how to beat them. You will do yourself a whole lot of Goods to get on board his telegram channel before that happens.

football trading spending

I have convinced him to show this secret to just 97 people on how he did it. Click on this link => to subscribe to him today