BBA star, Tayo Faniran, explains why he called out billionaire businessman, Ayiri Emami (video)

Yesterday, Big Brother Africa Tayo Faniran, via his Instagram page disclosed that he never got the $350,000 rumored to have been given to him by billionaire businessman, Ayiri Emami when he left Big Brother Africa house in 2014.


This came to many as a surprise as they thought he received the rumored monetary gift from the billionaire businessman. Recall that shortly after he was evicted from the house, it was widely reported that he was to get a huge sum of money from the billionaire businessman.


In his post shared on Thursday, Tayo disclosed that he never got the money.


BBA star, Tayo Faniran, explains why he called out billionaire businessman, Ayiri Emami (video)

His post elicited mixed reactions with some people expressing shock while others including persons Tayo claims to be Ayiri’s personal assistants, attacked him, saying Mr. Emami never promised to give him money.


Responding to the attacks, Tayo in the videos asked why Mr Ayiri never came out to debunk the news that he gave him money after leaving the reality TV show. According to Tayo, if there was bad news about Mr Ayiri, he would have come out to debunk it but because he enjoyed the fame that came with the news, he allowed the news to fly. 

”If there was a news out that Chief Ayiri Emami was a murderer, wouldn’t he have come out to debunk it? You don’t have press people? What are you talking about? 

So I should just keep quiet and let it go down on record that Ayiri gave me money?”


Tayo said he never posted that Ayiri gave him money. According to him, he was still in South Africa with the other housemates when they came to congratulate him after they heard the rumor that he was to receive $350, 000. 


”Everybody kept on telling me ‘Yea go collect your money. I got to Nigeria, we met up We took photos. Who made the pictures to hit the net if you are talking about not extorting my fame. If you are talking about not taking advantage of my fame and hype that I had at that time. You think it’s easy to go for Big Brother Africa?’

I go to everywhere in the world and people still believe that I got the money and you believe one day it’s not going to come out one way or the other? I was just debunking a rumor and this is the time that it came to my mind to do it”he said


 Watch the video he shared below