A report that emerged online alleged that Nigerian singer Davido allegedly refused to fund the Dubai trip of his logics manager ahead of his birthday party holding in the country.

Earlier, Kemi Filani News reported that the Dubai police had arrested Isreal DMW after drinking to a stupor and started a fight with some people.

Davido and his legal team quickly secured Isreal’s release, and he was made to sign a bond of good behaviour in the UAE, or his subsequent misbehaviour might attract severe consequences with the law.

Instagram blogger Cutie_Julls in a new update, alleged that Davido had refused to take Isreal DMW on the trip due to his drinking habits and the strict rules in Dubai.

According to the blogger, after Davido’s refusal, Isreal DMW reached out to popular music executive Soso Soberekon who decided to fund Isreal’s trip.

Soso Soberekon warned Isreal DMW to avoid misbehaving on the trip and promised not to assist him with anything if he acts others in Dubai.

However, Isreal got drunk in Dubai and insulted Soso Soberekon, saying he’s tout to the DMW crew and part of them. He has also unfollowed Soso Soberekon on Instagram.

The report added that Soso Soberekon decided to film Isreal DMW while he was drunk and raining insult at him to show him whenever he comes begging for such a favour again.

The post reads: the funny part is. David didn’t want to take Isreal to Dubai cuz they are there to celebrate Davido’s birthday and so it’s party time and there will be lots of drinks.

And honestly David knows the strict rules in Dubai and how Israel misbehaves when he takes alcohol so to him, Isreal in Dubai at party time is a no no. So he ruled out taking Isreal.

Isreal now reached out to Soso. Soso decided to fund Isreal’ trip etc after all David will not sack him if he’s already there.

Soso warned Isreal that if he misbehaves, this is will be the last time he will do such for him. Like he will give him money for other things etc but not to party with them in a foreign country.

Now for those of you that have already watched the video we posted.. You will notice Isreal telling someone towards that end that “you are a tout to DMW. You are not even part of us”

Na Soso get that insult o. After flying Isreal to Dubai.. he gets insulted cuz he told Isreal to calm down. And also our source said Soso decided to film him and show him when next he comes begging for such favours as an evidence that, “remember what you did the last time” sort of thing.

Dem say Isreal used insult finish Soso who sponsored his trip. he has even unfollowed Soso his sponsor