Actor Sam Nnabuike, has berated his colleagues who have been sharing their account details online so they can be gifted money by well-wishers.

The trend, started by Davido, saw actors like Destiny Etiko, Yul Edochie, taking the same route by pasting their account details online.

Reacting, Sam wrote ;

The internet is a mess right now. To say I am more ashamed of my colleagues, in particular, is an understatement. If you are going to test your followers love for you, must you do it just around the time Davido did it? Why didn’t you all move with this trend before Davido started it? Damn!!! una shame dey smells me pass slaughterhouse sef. Now watch them defend themselves afterwards and say it’s just cruise. Cruise gbakwa Oku. Sigh

Actors Davido didn’t ask his fans abi lovers (for those wey change the format) to send him money. He asked his friends and business associates. Make una get sense na ndi cruise nation abi cruise control