Stella Besin, sister of late fast-rising disc jockey who drowned in a beach at Lekki has spoken about her death.

It was earlier reported the promising Nigerian DJ, Abesin Michelle, otherwise known as DJ Michell, has dr*wned at a beach in Lekki area of Lagos State, on Thursday, November 18th.

According to a source, Michelle, who was at the beach with her siblings and a friend, went into the water to make videos, when she was suddenly swept away by the ocean. Her corpse is yet to be retrieved.

However, in a recent development one Stella Besin who claims to the deceased’s sister, said that people didn’t try to help Michelle while she was drowning, and insisted to see her body.

“My sister did not deserve this, I can’t breathe. They all stood there and watched her drown. God where’s my sister?? Where’s her body??…I’m in shock. God don’t let this be the end. I need a miracle right now. My sister can’t be gone”, she wrote.

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