Destiny, the sister of Nollywood actress Regina Daniels, has come under heavy criticism for insulting social media users who corrected the actress’s grammar.

Regina Daniels had commented on her sister’s post gushing over her beauty and cute voice, but the sister did not take it likely with the social media user.

Regina Daniels wrote: ‘I’m I the only one noticing your too much beauty and cute voice.

The Instagram user wrote: It’s ‘am I’ not ‘I’m I’.

Reacting to this, Destiny Daniels shut up the grammarian stating it’s her page, and her sister Regina is allowed to make mistakes and be a lecturer somewhere else.

She wrote: Shut up, it’s my page so she’s allowed to make mistakes. Go be a lecturer somewhere else.

Her response generated reactions as netizens dragged her for being too aggressive and rude with her response. See the reactions below;

dele_p_official wrote: The sister was so insolent and aggressive.

ladyzukky wrote: Bad upbringing! They will soon marry that one off to another grandpa!

nikk.i_freshly_squeezed_juice wrote: With comments here, shows how and disrespectful some people are.😢 She never insulted her, she only corrected her. A simple thank you , or better still delete the comment. Would have been better. And some of you here, are busy laughing and applauding her ? SMH

props_plaza wrote: People saying correct her respectfully. How else was she going to say it because she wasn’t rude or anything