Nigerian singer, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido, has explained why he is donating all the N201 million he received from his friends and fans to orphanages across the country.

The music executive had earlier released a statement to announce the philanthropic gesture, adding that he will add N50 million to the amount, making it N251 million. ICYMI, read it here.

In a video he shared on his Instagram page, Davido said he is giving all the money out because a lot of people needs it more than he does. He however clarified that he is not trying to be corky with the statement.

 Davido speaks

Davido said in part,

“The love that people have shown me is really unbelievable. I used to question myself like ‘is being a good person even worth it’ because I remember many people be like David you are too nice, you are too free, you are too accessible, you are too this, you are too that and it got to a point where I was even even thinking to myself like is this thing affecting me…but these past few days have shown me that no man..I appreciate it.

A lot of people have called me saying ‘it’s your money, keep it. Don’t listen to what people are saying’. Not to be corky, The money is a lot. I wouldn’t say I don’t need it but I think there are more people who need it more than me.

People were like sending me N5000, N2000, N3000, N100. This might be there last bar.

Right now we are at N201 million. I have decided to donate all the money in Nigeria. I am going to add N50 million of my own money. So it will be N251 million that I am going to be disbursing.”

Watch him speak below,